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Small Miracles

"Small miracles happen every day with acupuncture." Dr. Shi-Hong Loh's words become reality at Dao-Sheng, with locations in two offices in northern New Jersey. At Dao-Sheng, you will find Traditional Chinese Medicine practiced by an physician trained in both Eastern and Western traditions. A specialist in hematology and oncology, Dr. Loh provides specialized and refined acupuncture care for cancer patients.

Women's health is also a special area of expertise at Dao-Sheng. "It was through the experiences I've had in taking care of women, especially those who have breast cancer, that I realized how much women have to endure in life, how much they have to suffer, how much they contribute to a family, and how much they have been neglected when it comes to their health," he says. "And Western medicine simply doesn't provide adequate solutions for their health concerns." Acupuncture can provide some solutions to those problems which haven't been adequately treated by Western medicine.

East Meets West

Dr. Loh is a pioneer in blending the western medical perspective with traditional acupuncture therapy, and has developed unique acupuncture protocols for treating immune dysfunction. He successfully treats both common and unusual problems with acupuncture, such as migraines, peripheral neuropathy, hyperactive bladder, low back pain, and women's menstrual disorders, along with many other medical problems. Men, women, and children are treated with gentle and individualized techniques. Your acupuncture treatment at Dao-Sheng will be specifically designed for you, taking into account your whole being - body, mind and spirit.  

Convenient to most North Jersey and Manhattan locations, Dao-Sheng offices are located at

109 Grand Street in Hoboken, NJ (phone 201-659-0100)


24 Bergen Street in Hackensack, NJ (phone 201-343-8500).

Hours are by appointment only.  

Buddhist Temple Grounds in Autumn  Dao-Sheng is Chinese for "Birth of the Dao," as well as "Student of the Dao." Daoism (also known as Taoism) is both an ancient Chinese philosophy and religion. The ideal, or goal, of the Dao is a unity and harmony with the universe and nature, and it is this harmony and balance, provided by acupuncture therapy, that is sought at Dao-Sheng. 








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